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In May of 2010, a group of industry and academic leaders in Minnesota set about considering ways to create an environment where researchers leveraging nanoscale science and technology would be more readily connected so true collaborative relationships would grow. After approximately 15 months of study and consideration, NanoVox was "commissioned" as a mechanism to facilitate collaboration across desperate industry verticals that will not naturally link themselves, expanding from the original focus on nanoscale to encompass any and all advanced-material and manufacturing resources.

Eventually, the NanoVox region can go
beyond the initial five states.

How NanoVox Should Work

Considerable feedback and input from academic and industry researchers concluded that a web-assisted, professionally-staffed resource to document and actively link technology, products, resources and expertise throughout MN, WI, the Dakotas and IA, would aid in the region’s ability to leverage the region's assets more efficiently and strategically.

“People do business with people they know.”

Too often, a researcher’s work takes them back to the network of individuals they know and to the network their current or former colleagues have connections with – which realistically may not necessarily be the richest or most-effective tactic.

The core premise of NanoVox is that the regional community will contribute to a collective knowledge base so everyone’s network is strengthened because of overt attempts to leverage all of the assets throughout the region.

It is the role of NanoVox to create the mechanism to keep track of what people are working on, assimilating information and inventories that we can all then communally leverage.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with conducting a literal global search to identify expertise that may or may not lie within a given region --- and NanoVox will make every effort to capture data across the globe so as to document expertise that in fact might not be found here --- but overlooking technology, products, resources and expertise within the region by default is what NanoVox is aiming to avoid.



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