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Researchers need resources and NanoVox is a mechanism to link assets from Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakota and Wisconsin so expanded knowledge is shared and leveraged to accelerate commercialization in advanced materials and manufacturing.  

As enabling technologies emerge, their impacts can range so broadly that it is hard to link and capitalize on arising opportunities.  While there are technologies and enablers that cross market segments, researchers and decision-makers tend to group themselves within individual market verticals, thereby missing opportunities to learn from others.

There is a critical need for a mechanism to bring together the R&D community, and others, to increase awareness of the collective strength within the region.  The more the Upper Midwest region can link segments that have traditionally been somewhat insular – and the myriad assets to support researchers’ work – the stronger its position will be in R&D and the subsequent future tech-based economy.

NanoVox acknowledges that the overwhelming majority of future growth in the advanced materials space will come through interdisciplinary relationships and collaboration, similar to that of other emerging technologies.  Since it's simply impossible to keep track of what's going on within one's own industry sector -- let alone in sectors apart from their own -- how are individual researchers supposed to connect across disparate verticals?

Why name this mechanism “NanoVox”?
NanoVox was chosen because "vox" is Latin for "voice," "dialogue" or "conversation" and we recognize it is critical there be an environment for people to actually TALK and "get to know each other" across the Upper Midwest.  “Nano” represents a “smaller-scale settings” vs. trying to comb through other disciplines’ journals, etc. to track down potential partners.  NanoVox provides an alternative to scanning the globe by assimilating the region's information in more of a suite setting.  Collaborators may not otherwise find each other, but for the inventory and overt linkages the NanoVox project offers the region.

NanoVox will have a considerable focus on interactive web-based, virtual services, as well as professional, scientifically-knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing personalized service via events and tailored matchmaking, meeting facilitation and much more.

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