Equipment Resource Network (ERN)

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Why Inventory the Region's Equipment & Expertise?

An assistant physics professor at a private liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota once likened the pool of advanced equipment throughout the community to a “Whole Pie.”  

Despite his enthusiastic desire, he was frustrated by an inability to “tell people about the 'thin slice of pie' we have at our school.  We not only have tools people are unaware of, I have expertise for advising individuals of its capabilities or to assist them to address their technical problems.  Our students have growing capabilities and are eager to work with industry or other academicians to address very real challenges they face.”

Access Regional Information Quickly

NanoVox has arranged to inventory equipment and expertise relative to advanced materials and manufacturing throughout the region's colleges & universities and many private-sector businesses to provide a vetted and organized way to assist you to start to solve problems.   Professional staff work with parties to connect them to appropriate resources, saving time and money.

To understand how NanoVox can quickly connect you to equipment and expertise resources, view SAMPLE INFORMATION here. 

If you are interested in promoting your own "Slice of the Pie" -- whether that be equipment, lab space, expertise, faculty/staff/student availability/interests -- contact the NanoVox staff for more information.





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